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Security: Jade's products and solutions enable companies to move key business processes online in a confident, trusted, and personalized manner, by delivering a range of critical security services such as authentication, authorization, and digital signatures to large numbers of dispersed users and resources over any platform or device, any time, and anywhere.

Wireless: Jade features a wide range of wireless security products, services, and solutions that address the demanding security needs of the four key segments of the market. Mobile operator, finance, enterprise, and vendor. Jade provides everything needed to build a trusted wireless environment. Jade solutions are based on wireless PKI providing a secure and trusted trading environment by meeting the key requirements of electronic security using cryptography, digital signatures, and digital certificates.

Secure VPN: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) offer companies a cost-effective and secure method to provide access to internal networks using public networks such as the Internet. Through private encrypted tunneling, VPN technology provides network level security for telecommuters, site-to-site communications, for branch and corporate offices, and business-to-business communications for companies looking to securely communicate with business partners. Jade offers a wide range of hardware and software solutions to address your custom VPN needs.

Secure Windows Desktop: Microsoft Windows 2000 was the first operating system to build PKI into its core, adhering to PKI standards. Windows 2000/XP/.NET includes a number of PKI features and applications that create a rich environment and a foundation for a secure network. Using Windows 2000/XP/.NET in conjunction with other popular Microsoft applications, users gain the following e-security features:

  • secure email using Microsoft Outlook
  • secure web access using Internet Explorer, IIS, and Windows servers
  • file encryption using WindowsOS encrypting file system
  • smartcard based single sign-on
  • VPNs using the IPSEC/VPN capabilities within Windows 2000/XP/.NET
  • authenticated content signing

Jade Technologies offers a range of hardware and software solutions to ensure your business's security.

Secure Messaging: Over the past ten years, email has become a ubiquitous business tool and is used by organizations of all sizes to effectively communicate and exchange information. Although mail messages often contain sensitive and confidential business data, they are in fact quite easy to intercept and alter without adequate security control in place. It is also relatively easy to forge email addresses in order to illicit confidential details from unsuspecting corporate employees or to spread damaging or misleading information to external sources. Secure email can be used across an organization to send and receive sensitive data that is meant to be private and only seen by the receiver and sender. Common security failures:

  • employees are regularly sending highly sensitive documents such as legal contracts or payroll data or patient information via email - enterprises need to ensure that this information remains private and is not altered while passing over the Internet
  • unauthorized use of email could cause significant legal issues for the organization - enterprises need to ensure that mail messages are inextricably linked to individual users and make sure that unauthorized individuals cannot access their mail accounts
  • many organizations have a large number of remote workers operating from all over the world and require strong credentials or proven identification and authentication controls to provide roaming access
  • government organizations regularly send information relating to future or pending government initiatives and are constantly under attack from would-be Internet hackers - comprehensive security is simply a must for any electronic communication

Jade's secure messaging solutions enable organizations to seamlessly incorporate PKI-based e-security into existing email applications (such as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes). Jade's fully documented and engineered solutions allow organizations to quickly and easily assign unique digital IDs to every email user and enables individuals to digitally sign mail, ensuring messages cannot be tampered with and content is inextricably linked to individual users.

Secure Web Portal: More than ever businesses today are turning to web-based initiatives to increase revenue and profitability, enhance customer and partner relationships, and differentiate themselves from their competition. Industry analysts consistently report that web-enabling commercial applications is a top priority as companies continue to take advantage of the efficiency, ubiquity, and real-time nature of the web. The growing number and types of devices accessing web sites further increases the demand for secure portal management. Achieving these critical business gains means carefully opening corporate resources to different groups of users online. Partners, prospects, customers, or visitors. In the physical world an individual's identity is typically authenticated by established credentials such as a drivers license, employee badge, or passport. Access to corporate facilities is controlled by locks or security staff which allow or deny access based on the individual and the corporate policy. The challenge is to emulate the policies of off-line business in an online environment.

A secure business platform which combines access and authorization management with strong authentication technology (i.e.. public key based X.509 digital certificates) will enable the right people to have the right privileges to conduct business online while protecting the companies assets. Jade's solutions support any X.509 standard digital certificate providing centralized authorization and authentication.

Certificate Services: SSL server certificates / wireless server certificates - Jade's server certificates are provided by RSA Security and provide the most current and secure technology available in the marketplace.

ASP: Jade provides a full range of ASP (application service provider) and MSP (managed service provider) packages ranging in contract lengths from one to three years. From basic plans designed for the first time developer to comprehensive solutions delivering advanced functions such as SQL server. Jade can provide everything you need to create and maintain a professional dynamic site.

Web Development: Jade's web services division is a digital solutions provider that helps companies generate competitive value by leveraging the power of the Internet. From creative designs and custom database applications to e-marketing and high availability hosting, companies from all corners of the globe turn to Jade for their web-related services.

Services: Jade provides a full range of services to meet your web needs

  • Graphic Design - Whether you need a facelift for your website or a new company brochure, we can make your company shine. Our professional designers will make your company stand out from the competition.
  • Multimedia - From live streaming video presentations to flash design and programming, we are your solution
  • Programming - Our team of software engineers has extensive experience developing complex web applications. Whether you want a simple web form or a sophisticated CRM system, our team is ready. We use all of the latest programming languages and technologies on both UNIX and Windows environments.
  • Hosting - From virtual hosting to CO-located managed servers, we provide all levels of service, support, and administration.
  • Marketing - We can help you with all aspects of marketing for your site, from search engine optimization to newsletter campaigns.
  • Maintenance - Every website needs constant attention, yet not every company has the resources or the expertise to maintain their site's changes. We can handle all of your site maintenance needs.
  • Scanning - We offer a wide range of scanning services to our clients, from small reflective scans to large format transparencies. Please contact us for more information regarding your next scanning project.

Hosting: Jade's success can be attributed to providing the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. We provide three levels of hosting and feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

  • Virtual Hosting: Jade's virtual hosting is the most common and economical solution for 95% of our customers. Providing you with access on our corporate servers, our custom plan provides you the most cost-effective solution.
  • Dedicated Hosting: For customers or applications that require advanced security or high bandwidth, this premium solution meets all your demanding needs.
  • Co Located Hosting: Custom equipment in a state-of-the-art Internet data center with ultra high speed backbone connectivity. Contact us for details.

Portfolio: Jade's portfolio of clients is constantly increasing. Contact us for examples of sites we've designed in your custom marketplace.